Online Yoga Class

This course will be hosted live on Zoom every Monday at 8am and 5pm PST by Alexa Aliberti, LMSW. Admission is $15.

I strive to combine my knowledge as a mental health professional with the Yogic philosophies and teachings to facilitate a healing, yet powerful and dynamic environment. We move stagnant energy and emotions through and out of the body, all while building physical strength and increasing muscle tone. We use the power of stillness, and include bits of exposure techniques- we breathe into discomfort/challenges to increase our self-trust and overall self-esteem. The practice is trauma-informed, and we work to regain control over our central nervous systems- bringing the physical body back to safety, as well as getting the mind and body back into alignment. Through intuitive and conscious movement and breathing, we embody our Highest and Truest Self on the mat, guiding us to embody this pure, vibrant version of ourselves off the mat, living with purpose and intention. I am endlessly inspired and motivated to share the gift of Yoga; to share the gift of awareness, the gift of connection. I do not teach Yoga to merely lead you through a variety of poses, but to act as a guide in reconnecting You with Yourself: the most important relationship you’ll ever have. I am so grateful to be able to walk by your side as your Yoga Teacher. I am excited to share the philosophy of Yoga in ways that allow the fire within you to not only brew, but burn bright to light up your life.