Psychotherapy is the practice of meeting with a therapist, and tackling issues that are negatively impacting your mental and emotional health; but therapy is more than just an investment in your mental and emotional health. More than ever, studies are showing the strong link between emotional health and physical health. Don’t believe us? Check out some of the research here.


There are many different types of therapy. Some focus on thought patterns and self talk that is getting in the way of your success. Others focus more on your emotional life and patterns you are seeing play out in your relationships. Whatever the focus of treatment, each of our compassionate therapists will start by getting to know you and your needs. Treatment is never a “one sized fits all approach.” Decisions about the session length, frequency of sessions, and style of therapy are made collaboratively


Our seasoned clinicians are hand picked for their skill, warmth, and advanced technical training. Collectively our clinicians are gifted in working with a range of presenting problems, including: depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship conflicts, personality disorders, bipolar disorder, psychosis, and other specialized concerns.

If you are looking for honest, compassionate therapy, give us a call today.  We can help you find the mental balance, emotional peace, and sense of connection that every human deserves. For more information about our therapists, check out their individual pages below.



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Therapy & Testing

The following prices represent the cost of treatment when paying for services out of pocket, rather than through the use of your insurance policy. All of our providers are in-network with most major insurance providers. Find out more about your policy and benefits.

90-Minute Group Psychotherapy$50
Individual Psychotherapy Session*$175/hr
Couple Psychotherapy Session$175/hr
Psychological Testing$200/hr
Specialized Testing (Forensic / Neuropsych)$250/hr