Journey with Peace

According to a 2017 Pew report, 75% of American’s consider themselves spiritual. Despite this staggering statistic, the medical community has been slow to incorporate spirituality into treatment, despite the critical role it plays in so many people’s lives. We’re here to fix that. Spiritual directors provide nonjudgmental support and guidance, to aid you in your spiritual journey, wherever that may lead.

What Should I Expect?

Our intuitive spiritual director’s offer a warm and welcoming presence. They will listen to you with depth and compassion, with a focus on the spiritual aspect of your life. Our spiritual guides will not prosletyze or seek to lead you down any particular spiritual path. Rather, their role is to walk alongside you, helping you deepen your relationship to the Divine, and understand your own unique spiritual journey.

What Makes Spiritual Direction Unique?

Spiritual directors are not psychotherapists, and do not provide mental health treatment, financial advice, or medical care. Spiritual directors try to foster a contemplative, spiritual, space. This can include stillness, silence, prayer, and meditation. Spiritual directors welcome God and the Divine into the exploration process, while relying on intuition to guide this collaborative journey.

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