Dr. Lauren Snyder

Lauren chose a career as psychotherapist because she genuinely enjoys listening to others and joining others on their journeys toward holistic wellness.

Lauren is a psychological associate, currently practicing under the supervision of Dr. Veronica Regueiro. Lauren’s specialties include trauma therapy (EMDR trained), faith-based/integrated therapy, and comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation. Lauren holds a Doctor of Psychology degree from California Southern University. She completed an advanced externship at the Rush Neurobehavioral Center in Chicago and is currently in her post-doctoral fellowship to become a licensed psychologist. Prior to beginning her doctoral studies, she completed a master’s degree in counseling psychology at Trinity International University and a bachelor’s degree in applied psychology and religion at Carson-Newman College. Lauren practiced as a licensed clinical professional counselor for over a decade in Tanzania, East Africa; she enjoys working with diverse and international patient populations.

Lauren believes that providing therapeutic interactions help to create greater self-awareness and helps individuals understand how unresolved issues from their past may be influencing them in their present thoughts, behaviors, and relationships.

Lauren works in treating PTSD through Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (or EMDR) therapy, which facilitates the integration of painful memories. She also has experience in providing comprehensive psychoeducational and neurodevelopmental evaluations.

Lauren believes that therapeutic interactions help to create greater self-awareness and understanding of the ways unresolved issues from the past may be influencing present thoughts, behaviors, and relationships. While Lauren tends to work out of a psychodynamic modality, she integrates other therapy modalities to meet the unique needs of each individual patient.

When working with Lauren you can expect to find a warm welcome. Unconditional positive regard and a genuine interest in knowing and understanding of you.

Locations Served

  • redlands Office
  • Online

Fees and Insurance

Individual Psychotherapy: $175/session
I am currently working with most major insurance providers