Dr. Lena Kim

Licensed Acupuncturist

Dr. Lena Kim graduated from the college of Korean Medicine at WonKwang University and also earned her Master of Science degree. After obtaining a license of M.D.(DKM) in South Korea, she proceeded her career as a clinician and a researcher. Her main interest in patient care and research was in Brain Neurology with specific focus on establishing the mechanisms and effect of acupuncture and herbal extracts on Cerebral blood flow. With an education background of Korean Medicine and Cardiovascular and Neurologic Diseases, she has been working on exploring mechanisms and establishing proof of the effect of acupuncture and herb extracts on cerebral blood flow and its possible application in treatment of ischemic cerebrovascular disorders such as Stroke. Her vision to strive to provide excellent quality health care made her expanded her practices of Traditional Eastern Medicine from South Korea to United States. After moving to US in 2013, she has focused on practicing holistic patients care for various pain syndromes, emotional and physical fatigue syndromes.

Lena Kim is dedicated to providing safe, effective, and patient-centered care. She offers treatments that combine Korean Traditional Medicine (Acupuncture) and evidence-based medicine. She believes that her diverse and in-depth education and her over 10-yrs of clinical experiences enable her to understand the each patient thoroughly. Her passion to expand Korean Medicine to American communities fuels her interest to continuously study and research a variety of medical approaches, evidence-based and personalized treatment. To her, her patients are the best friends and teachers.

– Head, Face & Neck Pain: Headache, Migraine, Jaw pain, TMJ disorder, Neck stiffness, Facial pain/palsy, Trigeminal

– Spine & Joint Pain: Spinal disc herniation, Arthritis, Frozen shoulder

– Brain and Neurologic Disorders : Rehabilitation of post-stoke patients, Parkinson’s disease, Neurologic disorders

– Pattern diagnosed Wellness : Korean Medicine considers the patient’s whole body functional systems and
relationship between symptoms, as well as disease diagnosis. Catching those pathological patterns is called
“Holistic Pattern Assessment” and its’ directly connected to the prescription of Herbal Medicine and Lifestyle

Per Dr. Kim, “I care for people in the most personalized and natural way of Medicine.” Dr. Kim is a passionate Doctor of Korean Medicine and has a dream to provide her medical services in the best integrative way for each patient.

Locations Served

  • Orange County
  • Online

Fees and Insurance

Dr. Kim is currently contracted with most major insurance providers.