Janelle Conner, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Janelle became involved in behavioral health based on the philosophy of removing roadblocks or moving past them. “We all as human beings have a story. Life experiences that have shaped us into who we are today. Some experiences have helped us move forward in life, while others have created some roadblocks that we’d like to move past or break”.

Janelle has worked with clients who desired change; clients that were the driver, and she is there as their supportive guide. She collaboratively, explores patterns and behaviors that could be steering them off track from the life they want. Janelle will look at how the past impacts the present. She will be able to identify the patterns and thoughts that helped with survival, but now, are no longer needed; the past doesn’t equal the present, unless we live there.

She can help clients identify their strengths which allows change and growth, while also listening, and validating their experiences. Together, the client and Janelle will explore new ways to create new patterns that bring them closer to the life they desire. Janelle believes with genuine care, support and motivation, healing and growth can occur. She believes your story matters.

Janelle works with clients who are open to the process of therapy. Whether there is trauma, unprocessed grief, perfectionism, self-doubt, fear, anxiety, or negative thoughts, you will work together to process and heal.

When working with Janelle you can expect a warm, and curious therapist to ask “what’s bringing you” to therapy.

Locations Served

  • Orange County
  • Online

Fees and Insurance

Individual Psychotherapy: $175/session
Janelle is currently contracted with most major insurance providers.