Lauren Garcia, CMT

Certified Massage Therapist

Lauren became a massage therapist because bodywork and energy work has been her purpose for as long as she can remember. As she has grown as an individual her passion for her field has grown as well. Lauren knows it sounds cliché, but she really does love this work.

Lauren’s philosophy is to offer a space of safety and trust that allows any individual to begin the process of healing from within. Her purpose is to hold space for the body to do what it is intended to do and guide everyone during the treatment session. She uses tools such as massage therapy, stretch therapy, and or reiki, etc. Building a bond with each client allows for the healing to happen. Lauren believes it truly is a transformative experience between her and each client (friend).

When working with Lauren every client should expect a warm greeting, most will feel as if they have known me from before. She makes it her personal goal to be as warm and kind as she able. The first experience is a lasting one. She wants people to feel safe, protected and trusting of her.

Locations Served

  • Redlands

Fees and Insurance