Dr. Saleena Kench, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Saleena’s passion for health and wellness mixed with her background in athletics led her to pursue a career in healthcare. She loves working with people and helping them recover from injuries to regain their previous levels of function and achieve their fitness goals.

Her main focus as a physical therapist is to assist her clients in restoring pain free, functional movement to promote overall health. Saleena strongly believes in a multidisciplinary approach to educating her clients regarding their injury, helping to create body awareness thereby improving safety during tasks and recreational activities. She has a “whole body approach” in treating her clients.

When working with Saleena you will receive a thorough evaluation with detailed information regarding your diagnosis. She will provide a custom exercise plan and evidence-based treatment. Saleena encourages an open discussion with the client regarding your goals from physical therapy and a comprehensive plan of care.

Locations Served

  • Orange County

Fees and Insurance