Sarah Pace, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Sarah realized she wanted to be a therapist after seeing a documentary in college on the effectiveness of talk therapy for individuals suffering from severe mental illness. She thought that it was incredible to see the power talk therapy can have, and was inspired to become a Marriage & Family Therapist.

Sarah’s approach to therapy is based on her awareness that people change, grow, and heal through an authentic human connection. The alliance that forms between a therapist and client is extremely powerful when there is trust and mutual respect. She knows that the therapeutic relationship has the ability to heal past ruptures in relationships by facilitating a reparative emotional experience. She also views her role as helping clients learn to communicate their thoughts and feelings more effectively, and hopes that you will bring the skills you learn in your work together into your everyday life.

Practically speaking, Sarah enjoys working with people who are struggling through life stages. On a personal level she knows that life transitions often involve navigating a change in identity. While many life changes can feel exciting, new, and transformative, they can also create upheaval, identity role confusion, and anxiety. Sarah enjoys helping her clients navigate through these experiences so they can embrace the life stage they are going through and learn from the experience. Speaking to one area of major life transition, Sarah enjoys working with individuals or couples who are starting a family, as this complex life stage often comes with shifting roles and greater trans-generational influence, which can cause immense pressure and stress. For Sarah, being able to walk side by side with her clients through these events and seeing them move forward into their new life stage is very rewarding.

When you meet with Sarah for the first time, you can expect her to work toward making you feel comfortable. She works to always be genuine with every encounter in order to convey warmth and authenticity. It is important to her that people feel that they have a clean slate when they meet her. There is no judgement, or perceived notion about what their life is like or what they have been through. She also brings a touch of laughter to her work, as she finds humor to be a valuable gift that, when appropriately used, can help support a positive relationship.

Locations Served

  • Online
  • Southern California

Fees and Insurance

Individual Psychotherapy: $175/session
Sarah is currently contracted with most major insurance providers.