Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress

No matter how busy you are this holiday, you can find time to schedule these stress reducing tools into your life.

Keep the holiday blues and stress at bay by trying the following:

1. Breathe deeply. Inhale for 6-10 seconds and then exhale for the same amount of time. Breathe in energy, light, peace, relaxation and quiet. Breathe out anxiety, worry, anger and bothersome thoughts.

2. Relax. Meditate, practice yoga, or use guided imagery to quiet your mind and body and become more focused. Take a class or use a CD or DVD at home.

3. Exercise. Burn off stress and anxiety. Even a 30-minute walk can improve your mood.

4. Sleep. Awake refreshed by getting six to eight hours of sleep each night. Exercise helps you sleep. So does turning off the TV and computer in the evening and listening to a relaxation CD.

5. Eat and drink consciously. Begin the New Year feeling healthier and more grateful by eating and drinking sensibly during the holidays.

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