Ways to Support the Community During Black History Month


Black History Month is the perfect time to give back to the community. It is important to go beyond the common “like,” “comment,” and “share” type of support, and to really get connected to the community. There are a lot of ways that you can celebrate Black History Month, and so we have put together a collection of resources to share with others who are also looking to get involved with either educating themselves or giving back to the community.

  1. Give back by making a charitable donation to an organization that supports the community. You can find some information about charities to donate to by going here: https://www.charities.org/news/celebrating-agents-change-black-history-month Give back to a Black led non-profit organization. You can find some information by going here: https://www.everyaction.com/blog/22-black-led-nonprofits-making-history Give back to organizations that promote Black leadership. You can find some information by going here: https://www.surgeinstitute.org/why-we-surge/ Give back to organizations that support Black system involved youth. You can find more information by going here: https://crittentonsocal.org/what-we-do/ Give back to Black owned organizations that focus on ending Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and attend trainings to learn more. You can find more information by going here: http://www.nolabrantleyspeaks.org/
  2. Support Black owned businesses in your local community. You can find a section on Uber Eats this month that includes Black owned restaurants in your area, and Uber Eats also donates $1 per order. Or you can find some information for Orange County Black owned restaurants by going here: https://www.orangecoast.com/features/black-owned-businesses-and-organizations/
  3. Read about how February became Black History Month and become educated on why it is so important to honor and uphold this tradition. You can find more information by going here: https://time.com/4197928/history-black-history-month/
  4. Educate yourself on Black History Month by watching documentaries. You can find more information by going here: https://www.kpbs.org/news/2020/jun/10/13-free-documentaries-and-shows-about-black-histor/ and here: http://www.pbs.org/black-culture/explore/10-black-history-documentaries-to-watch/
  5. Watch movies that support Black actors. Most streaming services have a dedicated section for celebrating Black History Month. You can find more information by going here: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/entertainment/g35349723/black-history-movies/ and here: https://www.fastcompany.com/90598537/91-movies-and-tv-shows-to-stream-for-black-history-month
  6. Educate yourself by listening to podcasts centered around black History and race. You can find more information by going here: https://www.thehandbook.com/10-podcasts-to-educate-yourself-with-this-black-history-month/
  7. Support Black authors by purchasing a book and adding it to your reading list. You can find more information by going here: https://www.today.com/shop/books-black-history-month-t206986
  8. Attend a yoga class led by a Black teacher to help uplift and amplify Black voices in the yoga community. You can find more information by going here: https://directory.yogagreenbook.com/black-owned-yoga-studios-los-angeles/ and here: https://directory.yogagreenbook.com/directory/black-yogis-california/

Most importantly, do not stop showing support once March 1st comes around. We can support and uplift the Black community, and we should, 365 days a year (or 366 days in a leap year).

– Alejandra Rose, LMFT


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